Geordies 1 Jose 0

Soaring Scousers

Ello my ol china’s!
It’s been a while, been topping up my tan over in the Seychelles! Any more pleasure and pain over here and we’ll be doing lengths!
Well looks like them Gooners are on a roll! Don’t know how much longer that’s going to last though? There’s only so many times you can bring Bendtner on before it becomes a rum and coke. Same old song, they need to bring some more players to keep their winning ways up.
The Special One got a reality check didn’t he?! Losing away to Newcastle, them Geordies must be loving it. Jose will once be lost for words, I am sure of that.
Manchester City look like their strikers are now firing on all cylinders, unlike Norwich’s frontmen who couldn’t score in a brothel. Chrisy boy is under pressure now!
Big one this weekend though! It’s Moyes chance to show he’s got the minerals to overturn in form Arsenal at the Theatre of Dreams. Who’s gonna have the last bubble bath?!