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  1. Christopher Flaherty EngTech MCIPHE

    I don’t think we have much to fear of Germany stealing our youth, the real problem here is the youth look down at a trade for a career, they do not like getting their hands dirty and think a trade qualification is beneath them and who can blame them, the UK pay now been offered for fully qualified plumbers PAYE is very low, I have seen adverts offering £8 – £9 per hour, this is not the pay for a skilled tradesman, until this changes you will not encourage young people to enter our industry, instead we get flooded by cheap unqualified labour who make the situation worse, the plumbing and heating industry is under valued in the UK, the public seem to think we should be paid peanuts for our skill and knowledge, but they seem to forget we supply essentials for life, fresh clean drinking water, heat to keep you warm in winter, and fresh clean water to bathe in, this are important for health, but people complain about what installers charge to do a professional job, that will last for years, but they don’t mind paying thousands to spend two weeks with Mickey Mouse in Disney Land, until the public attitude changes to tradesmen, we will always struggle to get apprentices and keep hold of good quality installers.
    What we need is some TV shows showing the good installers, those who solve problems and do a great job for their customers, they far out number the bad installers, but the media would rather focus on the negative and give the industry a bad name.


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