Getting ready for winter – Top tips from Andy Cam and PB Plumber

Colder weather, frozen pipes and emergency callouts — with winter just around the corner, plumbing and heating engineers are about to get a whole lot busier.

So, Snug Underfloor Heating teamed up with Andy Cam and PB Plumber to bring you their top tips for preparing for the peak season.

1. Gear up for the cold

“It can get chilly out on the road anyway; but now, with the possibility of Covid still circulating in the winter months, many customers will be keeping their windows open for ventilation. This means installers will have to keep wrapped up warm. Good quality fleeces and thermals can be useful, while sturdy boots can help brave slippery ground when going in between houses.”

2. Be vigilant to van theft

“Although it’s not a nice topic to talk about, there has been an increase in van and tool theft over the past few years. As the nights get colder and darker, there is a higher risk; therefore, our top tip is to make sure your van isn’t vulnerable. For example, don’t leave an expensive tool unattended in there and think carefully about where you park your van.”

3. Manage your workflow

“With winter comes an influx of jobs — which is a good thing — but also means you need to be organised. We suggest planning ahead, so all your jobs are scheduled and manageable, while still allowing time for incoming queries.

We also recommend finding a supplier you can trust — just like the Snug Underfloor Heating team. With their 24-hour quotations and next day delivery service, it makes managing your workflow easy.”

4. Keep Covid in mind

“As it looks like Covid is here to stay, there are a few extra things this winter to be aware of. It’s all about making sure your customers are comfortable when you’re in their home — and equally, making sure you feel comfortable too.

This could be asking your customers if they’d like you to wear a mask, keeping the windows open or simply carrying a bottle of hand sanitiser with you.”

Bringing you the best in electric and water underfloor heating systems, Snug makes smart, high-performance heating easier than ever. With an expert technical support team, ability to turn quotations around within 24 hours, and free design service, you can rely on Snug to make your life easier this winter. Discover more here.

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