Glow-worm launches updates to MiGo smart boiler controls

Glow-worm’s popular connected smart boiler control products have been re-imagined offering a host of new benefits and features that aid speedy installation and deliver dependable – and affordable – smart boiler control for homeowners.

The MiGo Link internet gateway, accompanying app and MiGo Select smart thermostat integrate seamlessly with a range of smart home systems allowing homeowners to control their boiler on the go.

Glow-worm boiler installs can now be ‘connected’ with the help of the MiGo Link internet gateway and either a MiSetMiGo Select or Climastat Select thermostat. The brand new MiGo Select completes the range of connected thermostats, offering alternative options to suit any home. Now, Glow-worm offers a secure and stable solution to ultimate boiler control, ensuring your customers can fully optimise their energy consumption through easily adjustable room temperatures, timer programmes, and enjoy the ability to control the boiler on the move.

  • ‘Simple but smart’ control solution brings affordable heating within reach to tackle home energy efficiencies.
  • Flexible control accessible via the downloadable MiGo Link app.
  • Elevating smart control installs with hassle free pairing between the MiGo Link internet gateway and new and existing thermostats.
  • Boiler and control work in harmony to provide the most efficient Glow-worm heating system.
  • MiGo Link and MiGo Select expand the existing Glow-worm control range and brings connectivity to MiSet and Climastat Select thermostats.

At a time when escalating energy prices are top of many household concerns, the new MiGo Link, app, and complimenting thermostat is the user-friendly, affordable way to boost energy efficiency and get the best from a Glow-worm boiler.

New benefits for installers and customers

A range of benefits are now available through the new connected technology. Installers save time with a quick intuitive set up. Swift turnaround times mean more time for installers keen to get to their next job.

From an energy efficiency perspective, MiGo Link and MiGo Select allow the boiler to modulate to ensure it continually operates at its most efficient level, reducing energy consumption and prolonging the life of the boiler, keeping your customers cosy and warm. Weather compensation ensures the boiler only fires when needed. This can be a powerful message for your customers when guiding them on how best to reduce energy use for heating and hot water, without compromising comfort or convenience.

Following installation and using the downloadable MiGo Link app, your customer can track their actual energy consumption and with it, energy cost savings. This provides essential information that can inform better decision making in the home.

Homeowners can also set up convenient timer programmes via the app to suit their lifestyles and requirements, with intuitive adjustments made through the MiGo Link app. Simple day-to-day comfort control in the home is then achievable thanks to the new MiGo Select smart thermostat.

Voice control

Voice control is now available through Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Users can request information such as current temperature levels and instruct changes such as increasing heating temperatures with a simple vocal instruction. MiGo Link does the rest.

Mike Lacey, Head of Digital Technologies for Glow-worm, said: “MiGo, launched in 2016, has been a popular control solution with installers and homeowners, we have enhanced the smart system’s capability with a raft of new benefits and features with the introduction of the new MiGo Link.

“The new generation MiGo Link delivers a smart heating control solution applicable to today’s advanced technology and changing market demands.

“’Simple, but smart’ has guided the product’s development journey. We have ensured that installers will find MiGo Link internet gateway and MiGo Select quick and easy to work with and that customers benefit from a highly convenient way to better understand their energy use, save money, and easily control their heating and hot water on the move.

“Glow-worm’s MiGo Link internet gateway, app and MiGo Select thermostat allow choice puts efficient heating in the hands of the homeowners.”

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