GO Balance for easier, faster hydronic balancing


We’re sure you’ve had homeowners complain of uneven heating throughout their homes. Perhaps their radiators are noisy too, or their system costs more to run than it should.

82% of hydronic heating systems are not fully balanced*

Until now, hydronic balancing has been a long, complex and inefficient process, meaning that most hydronic heating systems do not operate as they should.

Well, all that is now in the past.

Hydronic balancing the Grundfos way

The GO Balance app works with a range of heating systems, including two-string radiator systems and underfloor systems, providing easy balancing in 5 steps.

Better balanced systems will not only save you time, it will increase your customers’ comfort and save them 5-20% on their annual energy costs.

Sign up to Grundfos ECADEMY and learn how the ALPHA3 and GO Balance app work together, to help you optimise your customers heating system.

(*CO2 online 2017)