Good to be back

David Ventris-Field – Senior Sales Manager at Lyrical Communications –  shares his insight into the changes and similarities in the industry over the last decade:

It’s great to be back working in the industry after 10 years. It’s interesting to see many of the topics of discussion are similar to the mid-late 2000s when I spend 11 years working in the public-sector built environment. Energy efficiency, sustainability, water efficiency and carbon reduction were all topics that were high on the agenda of publications and event organisers.

What feels very different now, however, are the drivers for sustainable development. Whilst the UK government was pushing the agenda of the Code for Sustainable Homes, tightening of Part L of the building regulations, and talking the talk of a green economy, now it feels that increasing sustainability has become a global and financial necessity.

COP26 and the absolute certainty that time is running out to make the right decisions when it comes to carbon reduction has certainly sharpened minds, but also the pinch on consumer finances will have an even more powerful impact. In 2003, the poorest 10% of the country spend 5.6% of household income on energy costs. In April 2022, this stands at 18% with more inflationary pressures surely to come.

Industry often steps up at times of difficulty, with technology and innovation that can meet new needs. We are in those times right now and this also presents great opportunities for manufacturers to tell their story of how they can provide the answers.