What are the most Googled gas related problems?

Installer spoke to 1Gas, Britain’s gas connection experts, about what problems people are Googling at home.

gas problemsAs an installer, you’ll already know the most common heating and gas related problems affecting your customers on a regular basis. But do they match what people at home are searching for online?

With search engines just one click away and a wealth of information available at our fingertips, many home owners and businesses are increasingly looking online to find help and advice for how to fix any gas related problems they might be experiencing.
So what are the most Googled gas related problems?
Frustration at the ‘Big 6’ companies
It might not come as a surprise that British Gas is near the top of the list in Google for gas related problems, along with some of the other ‘Big 6’ suppliers. Given their customer service issues and the concerns about rising costs and price fixing, there were a number of searches identifying problems with these companies.
The data suggests that users searching for British Gas and Scottish Power were looking for information and contact details so that they could complain about issues relating to their bills, gas meters and gas supply.
Given these companies track record with helping customers, these searches might present an opportunity for independent installers to offer their help and skill as a cheaper, more customer friendly option.
Boiler problems
Following searches related to gas problems at the major suppliers, other commonly Googled gas problems revolve around the issues people have with their boilers at home.
The terms ‘combi boiler problems’, ‘boiler problems’ and ‘low water pressure’  have a combined monthly search frequency of over 2,000 in the UK, just for those three queries. With further variations, this is a very popular area for homeowners to seek online help with.
Other common boiler related searches include:

  • boiler not working
  • boiler not heating
  • what if my boiler pressure is too high
  • boiler too big
  • boiler too small
  • what do I do if my boiler is leaking

Related to boiler problems, central heating issues are also a common area of search for homeowners. Many people have problems with ‘hot water but no heating’, ‘central heating not working’, and ‘cold radiators’.
It seems many internet users have also wondered why their boiler is making a funny noise. Common sounds incorporated within these searches include:

  •  buzzing
  • banging
  • clicking
  • vibrating
  • whining
  • whirring
  • screeching
  • whistling
  • hissing
  • knocking
  • gurgling
  • grinding
  • groaning
  • humming

There’s nothing worse than a loud boiler, and these people are looking for a solution on how to fix it, or, at the very least, how to shut it up! If you can identify the difference between these different noises and the reasons for them, perhaps you might be able to help.
 Gas supplies and gas meters
 Beyond boiler problems, the next most common area of ‘home gas crisis’ which people search for revolves around gas supplies and gas meters.
This might specifically refer to the supply of gas to devices in the home, such as a gas cooker, gas hobs or a gas fire, or it could be a more general problem with the gas supply to the building.
Many businesses will often find themselves with gas supply problems too, especially if they’ve just moved to a new area or office, and are without a gas connection.
At 1Gas, we’ve seen a number of users searching for help and advice on mains gas problems in their area, national grid gas problems, and how to get a gas connection.
There are also lots of people who seemingly have issues with their gas meters too. ‘How do I get my gas meter fixed’ is a commonly Googled problem, as are problems with the battery connections and accurate readings.
Again, many people online appear to have problems with their gas meters relating to the ‘Big 6’ gas suppliers. They’ve had problems with their readings, and being over or under charged.
The most pressing gas problem
But the number one most Googled gas related problem is also the most pressing problem too. Gas leaks. ‘What do I do if I smell gas?’ is a very common search term, as users look for urgent help.
On its own, a search for ‘gas leak’ averages 2,900 monthly hits. Add this to ‘smell gas’ at 2,400 hits and ‘gas emergency’ at 720 hits and you’ve got the most Googled gas problem in the UK.
Of course, if someone smells gas or has discovered a gas leak, it’s likely that they are searching online for an emergency helpline number to ring. Or, at the very least, the number of a local installer who can come out and fix the problem.
And yet, there are a number of search terms based around how to fix a gas leak which indicates that there are a lots of budding DIYers out there who think they can try and fix a leak in their home or business themselves.
This is definitely not something we would recommend at 1Gas. We recommend you call the gas emergency service immediately if you think you might have a gas leak.