Gooners galore

Soaring Scousers

Ello my old china’s!
Looks like them Gooners are back on top after a draw away to West Brom, tell you what I’m surprised they drew, was expecting a few net smashers from them North London boyos. Looking steady though are we seeing some sort of solid push for the silverware from WengerBoys?
United had to rely on some young Belgian fellow to save them the embarrassment of losing again. For more than 6 years David Moyes always wanted Everton to finish above Manchester United, now he’s done it in 6 matches!
Suarez and Sturridge on the score sheet again and are looking very tidy in front of goal. You wouldn’t look outta place sticking one those in your team.
The biggest shock for me has got be Spurs getting a hammering. 3-0 lost away to West Ham? Not only did they lose in style but they lost a derby match and to a side that had only won one game previously. Now AVB wants Pirlo, he’s having a Turkish bath!
Anyway International break this weekend and our Lions in action, let’s make sure we confirm our place for the Copa Moondial. If you’re about me and my old pal Graham Taylor will be down Wembley having a couple of cheeky Aristotles. Join us if you fancy it.
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