Government opens opportunities to improve energy efficiency

Tony Gittings of Rinnai believes the Government has opened up more opportunities for the industry to effect energy efficiency and subsequently decarbonise. 
RinnaiwebRinnai UK has long advocated the use of modern gas water heaters as an environmentally friendly option as we continue to have a responsibility to monitor and control energy usage.
Now it seems Amber Rudd MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is of the same mind on this subject. The Queen’s Speech at the opening of the current session of Parliament in May made it clear that over the coming decades we will need oil and gas as part of our energy mix.
Rudd said: “The Queen’s Speech set out our early priorities for the new Parliament. DECC’s priorities are clear: keeping the lights on and powering the economy; keeping bills low for families and businesses and getting a climate deal in Paris this year.
“That includes maximising home grown energy sources rather than relying on imports – and benefitting working people in Britain. The new Energy Bill will boost the UK oil and gas industry by creating an independent regulator for exploration and production from the territorial sea and UK continental shelf. This new approach to industry collaboration (which fully implements last year’s independent Wood Review) will help drive down costs and improve the sector’s efficiency.
“As well as helping maintain secure supplies, prolonging the life of this mature oil and gas producing basin will sustain its contribution to our economy bringing revenue to our nation and contributing to growth and employment; the industry in the UK already supports around 375,000 jobs.”
This makes absolute sense as we focus on what we can do to decarbonise the UK building stock to support energy and emission target reductions by using the best available technologies today and not waiting for a ‘magic box’ solution that will enable all renewables to work perfectly and unassisted tomorrow.
With the acknowledgement that fossil fuels continue to have their part to play we now, as an industry, have the encouragement we need to continue to explore ways of using renewables technology, be it solar thermal, solar PV or heat pump, in a practical manner maximised by traditional fuel sources such as gas to power high efficiency units as we go forward.
The Speech also said agreeing a global deal (the three biggest carbon emitters, the EU, US and China are all determined to get a deal done) is a massive opportunity for us to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change and also to open up new opportunities for our low carbon industries.
Responsible manufacturers are in a very good position to capitalise on this change of heart towards traditional fuels such as gas as they have been driving efficiencies forward almost exponentially in the past few years.
It is encouraging also that according to the Speech; the UK is already playing its part towards minimising global warming. It seems our own emissions are down 30% on 1990 levels, and our carbon budgets keep us on track to deliver our ambitious 2050 targets. We are leading the way in clean technology and innovation, creating new jobs and helping to power our economic recovery.
The worth of the continuous flow gas fired water heater has never been higher as specifiers realise just how much a modern unit has to offer. Recently developed models exceed all current legislative demands and lead the field in this respect.
The latest condensing water heaters from Japan are packed with cutting edge technological developments and electronic components that have the lowest failure rate of any brand on the market. These units can modulate down to 2.2kw making them the most efficient water heaters on the market today.
It is really encouraging to have Parliamentary backing to support Rinnai’s product position, as an energy efficient continuous flow gas fired hot water system, whether teamed with renewables technology (solar thermal or a heat pump) or used on its own, minimizes energy useage and mazimising efficiencies.
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