Heat recovery and ventilation

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  1. Christopher Flaherty EngTech MCIPHE

    So we have another group calling for yet more competent person schemes, how about NO! I personally am sick and tired of people expecting me to cross their palm with silver to allow me to go to work to earn money to support my family, competent person schemes DO NOT drive up standards in my opinion, they actually lower them, its all just a box ticking exercise, no real technical knowledge is gained or skills learnt from the competent person schemes, but as for MVHR systems, what real skill or knowledge is needed to join plastic or flexible ducts together from point A to B, I think they are trying to over complicate the system, the only real part that requires knowledge is setting the flow rates to each diffuser and that’s it.
    It seems at every turn in this industry someone has their hand out, why is it that the Plumbing and Heating industry is taken as some kind of cash cow, draining us of money where there is little return, we already have to pay for Gas Safe, and ACS to go with it, then we have the MCS farce, where we have to pay for a course on each techno;logy we wish to install, then pay a fortune each year to a competent person scheme, plus Gemserv and RECC none of whom do much for their money.
    I have been in this industry for 32 years, I have traveled the world carrying out installations and training installers, I have passed my knowledge to many, but now I have some no nothing school kid telling me how to do my job, I don’t think so, I am getting sick and tired of this industry and the leeches within it, its time for me to move on, taking my knowledge and experience with me.


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