Green Deal creates jobs bonanza

Thousands of job opportunities have been created through the launch of the Government’s Green Deal initiative to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s housing.
Green Deal allows homeowners to make energy saving home improvements without having to pay for the work up front. Repayment is financed through energy bill savings.
The process starts with a home energy assessment and Manchester-based Green Deal assessment company, One Green Place, has reported a national shortage of qualified domestic energy assessors (DEAs).
Annmarie Blomfield, managing director of One Green Place (pictured right), said: “Homeowners have been so excited by the launch of Green Deal we have taken thousands of enquiries for assessments in the first month alone.
“We have one of the largest panels of energy assessors in the UK, but there is still a shortage of qualified DEAs and Green Deal Assessors (GDAs) across the country. There is scope for thousands of people to join the industry to satisfy demand.”
Typically, training to become a DEA takes three to four days with a further two to three days training to become a GDA. Qualified assessors could then expect to earn up to £200 to £300 per day. The cost of the training can be paid in instalments.
Annmarie added: “With all the negative stories surrounding redundancies in the retail sector and the gloomy economy, it is great that a government initiative has created a demand for employment opportunities, as well as reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.
“Becoming an energy assessor gives people flexibility to be self-employed in a sector which the Government is actively promoting.
“There is no limit to the number of GDAs who could enter this industry at the moment and as energy efficiency is high on the Government’s agenda it is a sector with huge potential to grow.”
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