Green Pivot: Electro-technical opportunities in the brave new world and how to get involved

As part of InstallerELECTRIC FESTIVAL, the ECA is hosting a webinar about the new opportunities being created by the “Green Pivot”.

What will you learn?

Get an overview of the opportunities available to electro-technical installers in the race to meet Net Carbon Zero, plus the various schemes and training options available.

Where and when?

Wednesday 20 January at 11am

There’s no charge – Click here to save your spot:


Luke Osborne is the Energy and Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor for ECA, providing advice and technical coverage for Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency and Emerging Energy trends for ECA members as well as advising on energy policy issues. Luke has a long engineering history and was been actively involved in sustainability and renewable energy projects prior to working at ECA.

Who’s it for?

Tradespeople working in the electrical sector.

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