Greenarc and Heat Engineer Software announce new partnership

Greenarc Ltd has announced a strategic partnership with Heat Engineer Software Ltd, the heat loss and low-energy heating system design platform.

Traditional high-temperature, gas or oil-based systems were far more forgiving if oversized (as most are), but modern, efficient systems of all fuel types need a far higher level of accuracy in the design phase to ensure that the systems can not only produce the authentic heat requirement but optimise individual technologies efficiency. This ensures we then use the minimum levels of energy.

Greenarc CEO, Chris Bingham, commented:

“We are excited to announce this strategic partnership, which includes a significant financial investment in the Heat Engineer business which will enable the Board to further develop the platform. Heat Engineer provides all the tools required to design and size the heating system and we believe as the market for low-energy heat pumps grows in the coming years, this platform will prove essential to all heating professionals. Greenarc’s purpose is to ease the World’s journey to clean energy – we know that heating buildings is a major challenge on that journey, and we are confident that Heat Engineer will play a major role in the transition.”

Rich Cartwright, Director and Head of Software Development said:

“This is a major step forward for Heat Engineer and with Greenarc’s investment we have been able to grow our development team, move into new offices and plan the next phase of development of the platform.”

Rob Berridge, Director and Lead Technical Designer added:

“Aside from the investment, the senior management team at Greenarc bring a wealth of experience in building fast-growing technology businesses and we are very happy they have identified Heat Engineer as a serious player in the transition to clean energy. We look forward to working closely with them to develop both businesses in the coming years.”

Greenarc Ltd ranked number fourteen on The Times 100 list of Britain’s fastest-growing companies. They provide commercial, residential and public sector customers with a wide range of services in both the fuel and green energy sectors such as electric vehicle supply, EV charging, renewable diesel and software like Heat Engineer.