Greener, Quieter, and Simpler: The 7400iAW air to water heat pump model


Heat pump technology, particularly within new build properties has been on the rise as greener technologies continue to pave the way for the future of home heating.

Worcester Bosch is looking to bring installers on this journey, with its newly expanded heat pump portfolio and training webinar series.

In 2021, Worcester Bosch launched two new heat pump models to make UK homes greener – the 7001iAW air to water heat pump and the Hybrid 7000iAW – a low-carbon air to water heat pump and a hybrid system consisting of a heat pump and boiler respectively.

This year the company expanded its heat pump offering even further with the introduction of the 7400iAW air to water heat pump model. The 7400iAW joins the 7001iAW in having a Quiet Mark certification, in addition to being Worcester’s latest and quietest model in the range.

Both air to water heat pumps have a monobloc design to house all refrigeration circuit components to keep maintenance low – importantly, this means installers do not need to be F-Gas registered to install one. Both include a pre-configured indoor unit for easy installation, as well as an optional standalone Green Storage WB Range Heat Pump cylinder ranging from 150 to 300 litres – providing solutions for even the most demanding lifestyles.

The Hybrid 7000iAW allows the integration of a high efficiency low-carbon heat pump with the benefits of a gas combi boiler, suitable for small to medium properties.

In order for the product to meet the requirements of customers who have traditionally used a gas boiler a number of key features have been developed. This includes simple installation through easy access, monitoring of temperatures to operate either the heat pump or the combi boiler for best overall efficiency, and no requirement for additional DHW storage due to hot water being generated by the boiler alone.

Additionally, to help support installers with the installation of this new model, the manufacturer has introduced a webinar series designed for those who want to gain knowledge on the new 7000 range of air to water and hybrid heat pumps.

The course will give installers the opportunity to learn about the 7000 range of heat pump systems and hybrid solutions. In addition, the course content will include an introduction to the grant scheme, how heat pumps work, how they are installed, system layout, benefits of a heat pump, sizing and understanding heat pump considerations.

For more information on Worcester Bosch’s 7000 air to water hybrid heat pump courses please visit