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  1. Dave Reay HEATREAY Gas Services

    I would like to add my full support to Peter Thom and completely endorse his comments.

    We are Gas Safe Registered with a 4 digit Reg No. having been voluntarily Corgi registered almost from the beginning and Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers, both require us to work to high standards. We have run our small local heating business for for the last 30 years based on looking after our regular customers, some since we started.
    We were part of the Warm Front scheme previously so it was disappointing that the costs of being part Of the Green Deal scheme were prohibitive but as we have watched the fiasco unfold we are really glad we weren’t able to be part of it. However we have been disappointed to lose some long standing customers who desperately needed a new boiler but couldn’t afford it to the scheme, these customers were elderly & not well off and we had kept their old boilers going hoping one day we might get the job to replace their boilers! Additional these Green Deal Installers have come over 100 miles to do a poor job then left us to pick up the pieces. Boilers not conforming to regulations yet signed off with Gas Safe!

    This scheme has cost us tax payers and small businesses a lot of money and lost work, however I doubt the politicians will take much notice of Peter’s letter or these comments. I commend him for his willingness to speak out and wish him well.

    Dave Reay


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