GROHE launches evolution of Blue Home still and sparkling water tap with innovative app control

GROHE has launched a smart home app that pairs with the GROHE Blue Home WaterSystem to give householders still, sparkling or semi-sparkling water on tap.
Following on from the launch of the first popular Blue Home, GROHE’s newest model comes complete with a pull-out mousseur head, available as of January 2019. And thanks to the GROHE Ondus app, users will be directly notified when the filter or CO2 bottle needs to be replaced. The app also ensures easy handling when reordering at the GROHE Blue Online shop; with just a few clicks the purchase is conveniently delivered meaning you’ll never be left without sparkling water!
For the health-conscious, the GROHE Ondus app offers an additional benefit: daily water consumption can be logged and tracked helping even the busiest homes keep hydration front of mind as part of a balanced lifestyle.
Versatility in Form and Function
GROHE Blue Home is a small revolution in the kitchen: time-consuming purchases and the back-breaking hauling of water bottles from the supermarket are now things of the past. With its elegant design, GROHE Blue Home makes for a real eye-catcher in every kitchen, no matter the style or décor choice. The slim and stylish tap features intuitive operation and is available in Chrome and SuperSteel finishes, as well as in three different spout versions designed to fit any sink or kitchen. GROHE Blue Home represents versatile functionality in everyday life. With the duo model, both normal mixed water as well as chilled, filtered and carbonated water can be made available at the touch of a button. The pull-out mousseur head provides ultimate flexibility for quick and easy food preparation and kitchen chores. In addition to the duo version, GROHE is also introducing a mono model which can perfectly be installed as a supplement to an already existing kitchen tap.
Space-saving and easy to install
The GROHE Blue Home starter set consists of a tap and a cooler with an integrated filter and CO2 bottle. The water system is compact and fits into even the smallest kitchen. Kitchen cabinets with a width of just 40 centimetres are big enough for the installation of the cooler. Meanwhile, maintenance of the integrated filter for ideal water quality and the CO2 bottle for sparkling water enjoyment can be changed easily at the front of the unit.
GROHE Blue saves money as well as CO2
In promoting a sustainable lifestyle, the GROHE Blue gets top marks, four times over! GROHE customer surveys suggest that those who use the water system drink up to 35 percent more than users of bottled water.1 At the same time, GROHE Blue Home also saves money: in comparison to the consumption of branded bottled water, costs are reduced by up to 60 percent. Using GROHE Blue Home in private households only costs about £0.13 per day. Importantly, the environment also benefits as CO2 consumption is reduced by approximately 61 percent compared to households using bottled water, and there is also less plastic and packaging waste.
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