Halm Pumps – domestic heating circulation pumps

In January 2013, circulator pump manufacturers will be forbidden to supply standard efficiency unregulated stand alone pumps for the distribution networks i.e. to merchants to the domestic heating industry.
For this reason it is wise to stock these pumps now to ease transition from standard efficiency to high efficiency pumps.
Halm Pumps, headquartered at Stuttgart, Germany with 5 different locations within Europe is a medium-sized manufacturer of pumps and drive technology.
For more than 30 years Halm Pumps have engineered, produced and distributed circulation pumps with screwed and flanged connections.

Now Halm have expanded and enhanced their range to meet the increased market demand for high energy-efficient pumps at a beneficial and competitive price.
Up to 70% energy saving is now possible due to advanced modern permanent magnet technology and pressure difference control which depends on volume flow.
2013 – Halm pumps are ErP-ready – These high efficiency pumps already meet the requirements of the new European eco-design Directive valid from 2013.
The majority of current domestic heating systems still use unregulated pumps. This uses far more electricity than is actually required. In future, beyond 2013, only extreme power-saving high efficiency pumps may be used for domestic heating systems. This benefits the environment and the building owner or user in equal measure.
Switching to these super power-saving high efficiency pumps is already possible today.
Further information on www.halm-pumps.de

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