HB42 launches Ultimate Liquid Grab – a powerful trade-strength adhesive

HB42 has launched the Ultimate Liquid Grab, a powerful trade-strength adhesive for use on a wide range of materials.

Suitable for all vertical and full surface bonding applications, HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab can be used when bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles. The product is also appropriate for bonding tile on tile and stainless steel.

HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab is extremely strong when dry and can vertically glue treated wood, enamel, tiles, hard PVC, stainless steel and much more. It is even suitable for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent bases such as concrete and brick, stuccowork, chipboard, MDF, mosaic and gypsum-based products.

Available in 5kg tubs, the HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab comes in grey and is sachet sealed for longer shelf life. Powerful, but with lasting elasticity, it can be easily applied and spread with a notched trowel. It is very fast curing and can even be used on damp surfaces. The HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab is solvent, water, isocyanate and phthalate free.

For more details visit www.hb42.co.uk

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