NIBE Heat Pump Webinar – A General Overview for Installers

As part of the #InstallerFESTIVAL, NIBE teamed with installer to deliver a webinar is designed for plumbing and heating engineers, to provide a general overview of heat pumps.  
There’s no cost, hit the link to watch on demand (registration is required):
Your Hosts
Chris Easton, Technical and Training Manager
Robin Adderley, Sales and Marketing Director
What will you learn?
In this webinar on heat pumps, you will be provided with a general overview of renewable heat pump technology, touching on the different types of systems available. Exploring the theory behind both ground source, air source and exhaust heat pumps, you will gain an understanding of the advantages and benefits NIBE products have to offer in the context of the household, installation process and the wider environment. The latest NIBE S Series will also be explored, drawing on some of the key technical features and advantages of the new product range, such as weather forecast, smart home integration and advanced connectivity. You will also gain an insight into the NIBE Uplink Pro, an application developed by NIBE to help installers to commission monitor and diagnose heat pumps with ease.
Will there be time for questions?
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions throughout the webinar, and time for a discussion at the end.
Why Join? 
With the world moving towards low carbon technologies, renewable heating systems are inevitable. In just five years’ time, no new homes will be built on the gas grid in the UK, meaning that heat pumps are likely to be rolled out at scale to help tackle emissions from heating in the UK. To put this into perspective, over 1 million annual heat pump installations are expected to take place in the mid-2030s, and 19 million by 2050. As a heating installer, it makes perfect sense to get to grips with heat pump technology as soon as possible, to ensure that you and your customers are both aware of the benefits they have to offer.

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