How did heat pumps perform under EST trials?

Field tests are an invaluable resource for manufacturers because they can provide real insight into how their products are functioning. Ally Wadeward looks at how the EST (Energy Saving Trust) trials for heat pumps have had a hugely positive impact.
heat is on webThe more that installers and consumers know about renewable technologies, the more that installers, organisations and governing bodies can deliver on the ground. Industry research (both in line with manufacturer guidelines and ‘real performance’ trials) can arm installers with the cutting-edge knowledge required to help their company stand out from competitors and futureproof it in the process. Field trials can deliver tangible consumer and supply chain benefits, and instilling trust in customers will increase the opportunities for installations in suitable properties.
The Energy Saving Trust has now completed over thirteen field trials. Between 2008 and 2013, it carried out The Heat Is On to monitor the performance of residential heat pumps. The study was conducted in association with numerous Government bodies, research institutions, energy suppliers and heat pump manufacturers. The outcomes of the study influenced amendments to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme standard and led to improved heat pump installation guidelines and training. This heat pump study is still the most relevant field trial undertaken to date.
The study was undertaken in two phases to determine the in-situ performance of the technology in UK homes – both air source and ground source heat pumps were studied in domestic properties.
The trial investigated the following three areas:
• Comprehensive performance monitoring of the heat pump system
• Improvements to system performance through design and control
• User behaviour and perceptions of using a heat pump
Read the full story here: The heat is on
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[author image=”” ]Ally Wadeward is the Supply Chain Support Manager at the Energy Saving Trust. Ally manages a Welsh Government funded programme providing advice, training and information to renewable energy, energy efficiency and low carbon retrofit sector SMEs in Wales. Since inception in 2010, the Supply Chain Support Team has supported over 1,000 businesses across Wales and assisted in the safeguard and creation of over 250 jobs.[/author]

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