Heating industry urged to embrace government call on fracking

The Government’s decision to resume the controversial technique known as fracking to extract gas in Lancashire has been welcomed by one of the UK’s domestic heating manufacturers.
Neil Schofield, Head of External and Governmental Affairs at Worcester, Bosch Group, comments: “With fuel prices on an upward trajectory and around one in five UK households adjudged to be in fuel poverty, the extraction of shale gas could bring some much needed respite to domestic heating costs.
“What we have to consider is that, despite attempts to kick start the UK’s ’green revolution’, over 80 per cent of UK homes are currently heated by gas-fired boilers, so the demand for affordable gas is there for all to see.
“We only have to take a look across the Atlantic to see how the adoption of shale gas has had a positive impact on energy security. Back in 2008, the cost of natural gas in the US was $8 a unit, yet it now stands at around $3 a unit. What’s more, the US has proved that shale gas can be a more environmentally friendly alternative to coal – as shown by the nation’s resulting reduction of their CO2 emissions to levels not seen for well over a decade.
“However, we must be mindful that fracking remains a relatively new concept for the UK and we have to act responsibly in ensuring the development of the technique does not come at the expense of our local environment.
“Mass uptake of renewable technologies may be the ultimate aim of our current Government, however, this is arguably a utopian scenario at present. The extraction and wider use of shale gas has the potential to transform the outlook for UK energy, bringing with it the creation of new jobs and a more secure energy supply.”
Neil Schofield is Head of External and Governmental Affairs at Worcester, Bosch Group. For more information on Worcester, Bosch Group’s range of domestic heating and hot water technologies, visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk.