HiKOKI Power Tools UK launches C3610DRJ cordless table saw

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has launched the C3610DRJ Cordless Table Saw.

The C3610DRJ is the first full size 254 mm cordless jobsite table saw and has a leading 880mm rip capacity. Easy to transport, it can be used as a cordless tool, with Multi Volt batteries, or as a mains corded tool using HiKOKI’s ET36A adapter, giving users power, flexibility and convenience on site.

Every part and feature of the C3610DRJ is designed and developed by HiKOKI’s Japanese engineers with the highest level of safety, convenience and accuracy in mind. The Cordless Table Saw features a soft start, which reduces noise, as well as recoil and stress on the electrical system. The saw also has a rack and pinion telescoping fence system too.

Safety features are high on this powerful table saw, with an overload protection feature automatically shuts off the motor and a security switch locks the saw from unintended use. An electric break stops the rotation of the blade within seconds.

The C3610DRJ Cordless Table Saw features a Mitre gauge, Blade guard, Rip fence, Push stick, Outfeed support, two blade wrenches, a 4 mm and 2.5 mm hex key. The C3610DRJ Cordless Table Saw is covered by HiKOKI’s three-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions, adding even more peace of mind for professionals.

For more details visit www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk