Hilti launches new SIW 9-A22 heavy-duty, high-torque ¾“ anvil cordless impact wrench

Hilti has launched the SIW 9-A22 heavy-duty, high-torque ¾“ anvil cordless impact wrench.
With a rated torque of 800Nm, the tool has been designed for tightening and releasing M16 to M24 nuts and bolts, pre-tightening nuts and bolts up to M36 in metal and wood and setting larger diameter screw anchors such as the Hilti HUS3-H14 and HUS3-H10 into concrete.
The SIW 9-A22 has been engineered with a double hammer gearbox which is unique to Hilti, lowering vibration to just 7m/s² to allow the operator to work for longer. It also utilises metal gear housing to make the tool more robust and increase its lifetime.
It comes with a retaining strap and an E-spring designed to keep the tool and socket secure while working at heights.
The slim diameter and integrated LED lights allows the user to easily work in tight spaces, while the handle and trigger have been designed to improve control for applications such as tightening pipe flange bolts.
The SIW 9-A22 joins Hilti’s range of impact wrenches including the light-torque SIW 6AT-A22 and the high-torque SIW 22T-A.
The tool is part of the Hilti 22 V cordless tool platform and is compatible with its existing range of 22 V batteries.
As with all new Hilti power tools the SIW 9-A22 also comes with Hilti Connect, an easy-to-use tool management App which connects to a smartphone or mobile device thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology built into the tool.
The Hilti Connect App provides instant access to data including tool type, serial number, ownership, warranty, service and repair schedules and how-to videos.
The SIW 9-A22 can be obtained through Hilti Fleet Management, whereby a fixed monthly charge covers all service and repair costs up to three years.
For customers who prefer to own the tools outright, Hilti Tool Service gives a complete no-cost period of two years, which includes the same high level of cover. Following the initial no-cost period repair costs are capped, and the company promises a turnaround time of ‘3 days or FREE’.
 For more information, visit www.hilti.co.uk/impactwrenches. Alternatively visit the nearest Hilti Store, book a demo or call Hilti Customer Services on 0800 886 100.