Hilton Banks introduces new formula for HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler

Hilton Banks has reformulated its HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler into an ultra-smooth two-part, styrene-free wood filler that provides a tough, long-lasting repair on all woods inside and out.
With an easy mix application, the filler sets hard to a strong finish in 30 minutes for a weatherproof repair. The new formula removes the risk of harmful effects styrene can cause, without losing any of the powerful and smooth finish the trade needs to get the job done.
Once dry, the filler can be drilled, carved, sanded or planed. It is paintable and stainable and perfect for repairing wood damaged by wet rot on furniture, windowsills, frames, doors and banisters.
White and natural HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler can also be used on grain filling and repairs to shakes, cracks, splits and knot holes. It can even repair wooden constructions including some marine applications.
HB42 Ultimate Wood Filler is now available in three new sizes too: 275g, 550g, and 1kg White and Natural finishes.
For more details visit www.hb42.co.uk