Hole in the roof

Hole in the Roof is an innovative and quirky campaign launching on November 12 2012 to raise the awareness of energy efficiency by encouraging people to take action and make a change in their homes that will result in saving money.
The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council through Hole in the Roof wants consumers to change their behaviour and stop wasting energy that is metaphorically disappearing through the roof as well as hitting them in the pocket.  Consumers can view the Hole in the Roof website and click on any technology or heating system measure to find out what change could suit them best. This can be a simple measure like draft proofing, sealing an unused chimney, using radiator reflectors or installing a renewable technology.
The cartoon style website has a two dimensional house where consumers can click on various heating technologies such as thermostats, solar thermal, showers, heat pumps, controls and many other measures.  This user friendly website will enable the public to find out more about how they can become more energy efficient and save money.
It will also provide advice from our designated experts on the financial and environmental benefits. Our experts may be people you recognise, like TV star and Daily Mirror journalist Jasmine Birtles (pictured left), or a leading heating manufacturer.
Leading green campaigners and academics will tell you that there is no point preaching to people and making them feel guilty.  We all know how important it is to stop wasting energy especially when gas and electricity prices continue to rise.
Not only does Hole in the Roof campaign provide an interactive website, we have also commissioned a humorous animation called ‘The Romans’ by talented animator Adam Bailey.
We all know a family like The Romans – in fact it could be ours -who find their bills too large but sit in the house in their shorts and also have a window open.  Mum and daughter spend far too much time in the shower or bath and they don’t turn down the thermostat. We can all relate to behaving like this occasionally. Many consumers will see themselves in these characters.
Roger Webb, HHIC Director said: “The Hole in the Roof campaign is all about making simple changes in the home in order to make your environment more energy efficient.  We want people to become enthused about changing their behaviour and that collectively we can make a difference. We can’t force people to change their behaviour but we can try to tap into the reasons they might want to.”
For further information please contact Jodie Wiltshire email jodie@hhic.org.uk
Please visit our Hole in the Roof website : www.holeinroof.org.uk 
Hole in the roof flyer PDF

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