Homeowners are drastically underestimating replacement boiler costs – says new research

A survey has found that homeowners are drastically underestimating the cost of replacing a broken or inefficient boiler. When asked, the 2,000 respondents estimated on average the cost to be just under £700, when in reality it is likely to cost more than three times as much to upgrade a boiler.
Nigel Dewbery, Head of Energy Efficiency at E.ON, said: “We know from our research that homeowners are hugely underestimating the cost of upgrading their boiler. Many people don’t budget for this kind of expense so when homeowners are unexpectedly faced with these sort of costs it can be a real challenge to find the money to pay the full amount upfront.
“That’s why we’ve launched our 0% boiler finance offer which gives homeowners the option to be able to upgrade their boiler without having to pay for it straight away. This is all part of our commitment to offering smarter solutions and we hope the new offer will encourage homeowners who may have previously been putting off a boiler replacement until winter to act now and get in touch with us to find out more about their options available to them.”
Homeowners who sign up for the boiler finance offer and who have cavity walls or lofts requiring insulation could also benefit from free insulation through E.ON.
For further details about E.ON’s boiler finance offer or other products and services visit eoninstall.com or search ‘E.ON Summer Offer’.

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