Honeywell launches Metaclad CP consumer unit

Honeywell has launched the Metalclad CP consumer unit – to help electrical contractors protect their customers and their properties.

The brand has now entered the circuit protection market with its cost-effective consumer unit range.

The Metalclad CP range is specifically designed to meet the IET’s 18th edition wiring regulations.

The Metalclad range features a fully earthed lockable consumer unit (populated and unpopulated) which is easy to install, with options to include two Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) and a Surge Protection Device (SPD), both of which are recommended in the current 18th Edition.

The consumer unit comes either empty with a switch disconnector or fully populated with a selection of Type A and Type AC Residual Current Devices (RCDs) and Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), the setup of which can be configured to suit a property’s requirements. With multiple extra-large knock outs and four point fixing holes to cope with uneven surfaces, the consumer unit is easy to install.

Ashley Clements-Smith, senior channel lead at Honeywell said: “We have made a consumer unit which goes beyond the mandatory standards required by the current 18th edition wiring regulations. By using it for circuit protection, contractors can reassure homeowners that they have complied with the latest industry requirements and recommendations using a product made by a brand known for innovation and reliability.”

Honeywell Metalclad Consumer Protection products are available exclusively at Edmundson Electrical stores. For more information, visit