How installers can get the most from smart devices

As smart devices become more and more popular, there’s a real risk that installers are missing out on the opportunity to work more efficiently. Keld van Schreven looks at how installers can get the most from smart devices, saving them time and making money.
Within the past ten years, everything has entered the ‘smart’ age. What started with smartphones has progressed into smart TVs, smart kitchen appliances, smart light switches, smart cars, and even smart footballs. It’s no surprise that small businesses have to be smarter to succeed today. Always competing with larger companies with bigger marketing budgets, more employees, and a wider reach means that they have to be smart to take on the big names.
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Get smart
[author image=”” ]Keld Schreven worked ‘on the tools’ in the summer of 2012 and witnessed how stressed engineers were with all aspects of running their business. Keld approached the card companies and was shocked at the cost. His mission, with his business partner Catherine Woolgar, is to give engineers an app to help them keep their passion for their work. [/author]