How installers can save money and cut down on plastic waste


The Construction Industry significantly contributes to the UK’s overall plastic waste. Consequently, it is crucial that tradespeople look to reduce their plastic consumption and switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives where possible.

Here, Andy Cummins, Senior Product Manager of Geocel, provides one simple solution that will have a hugely positive environmental impact.

Did you know that the Construction Industry consumes 23% of all plastic produced in the UK? It also generates an estimated 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year. Combined with depleting landfill sites and the increasing landfill tax – a figure that has trebled since 2008 to £98.60 per tonne. Furthermore, the government has recently imposed a further tax on companies that produce or import plastic packaging with insufficient recycled content, meaning the price of the plastic packaged products you know and love is likely set to rise. As such, tradespeople are under increasing moral and financial pressure to find solutions that will reduce their plastic consumption whilst also being easy to use and reliable.

Geocel has identified the traditional cartridge as a system that can easily be switched for a less wasteful alternative. Tradespeople use sealants and adhesives continuously, resulting in thousands of plastic cartridges being discarded daily. Whilst theoretically recyclable, unfortunately, it is very difficult to completely clear a cartridge of residue, meaning they can’t be recycled. Consequently, 100 million plastic cartridges are sent to landfill every year.

In light of this information, Geocel has launched the ecoSEAL system, offering a replacement to the traditional cartridge system with a reusable sleeve and foil alternative. Simply insert the sealant or adhesive foil into the reusable sleeve, cut the top from the foil, attach the nozzle and insert into a cartridge gun as normal. After use, simply discard the compacted foil and reuse the plastic sleeve again and again.

Switching to the ecoSEAL system will impact overall plastic waste significantly – the reusable sleeve can be used up to 85 times, before it can then be recycled. In

addition, foils are eight times smaller than plastic cartridges when empty, meaning waste to landfill is cut by 87.5%.

Furthermore, installers who choose to switch to this system do not have to compromise on quality. The ecoSEAL system can be used with some of the industry’s favourite sealant and adhesive products, including Geocel’s Painters Mate, THE WORKS PRO and DOWSIL™ 785+, 796 and 799.

Heating and plumbing installers can utilise THE WORKS PRO – a multi-use, high performing sealant and adhesive that can be used to bond and seal virtually any material, whether wet or dry. It is paintable, weather resistant and can even cure underwater.

DOWSIL™ 785+ is another stand out product, carefully designed for the sealing of sanitary fittings. Tack free in just 30 minutes, it cures very quickly and contains a fungicide meaning it is resistant to mould growth. Consequently, it protects against salmonella, E. coli and MRSA.

Overall, Geocel’s ecoSEAL system provides installers with a solution that is easy to use and will have a dramatic effect on reducing plastic waste. On larger projects, installers will also benefit financially as heavy landfill taxation is minimised. With market-leading products now available in foils, installers do not have to compromise on quality.

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