How installers can take advantage of the emerging hybrid heat pump market


Eco heating technology brand, Daikin, is delighted to announce the launch of a free training programme, which has been designed to help installers take advantage of the emerging hybrid heat pump market.

Whether it’s upholding the Future Homes Standard, or achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030, it’s clear that homes across Britain need to become more efficient. In this effort, hybrid heat pump systems offer an attractive solution. Using up to 75% renewable energy, hybrid solutions can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 55% 1 when compared to traditional gas boilers. Similarly, these solutions can deliver up to a 50% reduction in energy bills across homes in the UK 2.

As such, hybrid heat pump systems offer an attractive proposition for both installers and homeowners alike. Combining the power of a heat pump with the familiarity of a boiler, hybrid heat pump systems are helping homeowners transition to low carbon heating sources. At the same time, these systems offer installers a significant business opportunity. In fact, it’s possible that the hybrid heat pump market could soon rival the number of combi boilers installed in the UK.

Therefore, it’s increasingly important that installers feel adequately equipped to take advantage of this new trend. To this end, leading low-carbon heating manufacturer, Daikin, has now launched a free training programme, which has been designed to provide all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to do just that. The free training will be offered via 11 of the company’s Sustainable Home Centres, which are spread out across the UK.

By completing the training, installers will learn all the skills needed to handle the installation, commissioning and maintenance of hybrid heat pump solutions. What’s more, Daikin is supporting the launch with an exciting promotion. Moving forward, the company is offering a brand-new, high efficiency boiler for free with every purchase of its Altherma hybrid system. In doing so, the eco heating technology brand is helping to drive a new, more efficient era for installers.

To find out more about Daikin’s free training programme, or its new hybrid heat pump promotion, please visit:

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