How LANI by LAUFEN can help customise a bathroom vanity

There’s no denying that the bathroom has undergone a personality change in the last few years with people looking to turn this functional space into a customised reflection of their personal style.

This is where LANI from LAUFEN comes in. The furniture in the LANI collection is available in a range of widths and a huge choice of colours and finishes, so you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect match. Not only that, but LANI vanity units can also be teamed with a wide variety of different basin ranges from across LAUFEN’s collections, from inset to countertop basins. This means that whether you prefer the iconic look of Kartell LAUFEN basins or the design simplicity of the LUA collection, LANI furniture can be paired with them and many more!

Here’s how LANI can help you customise your bathroom vanity in three simple steps…

Step 1: Choose the right size

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose furniture that is the right dimensions for your space. If you have a large bathroom, a small vanity can look insignificant, while a large vanity in a small ensuite may not leave enough clearance room to open drawers. LANI vanity units come in a comprehensive range of sizes, from 450mm-wide for a cloakroom to a standard 600mm-800mm for a more spacious family bathroom, and up to 1600mm for a double basin design. Additionally, all LANI furniture is wall-hung, which creates a sense of increased space and makes it easier to clean around. You can also install them at a height that is customised to your needs – particularly useful for people with mobility issues or those who prefer a taller vanity.

Step 2: Choose the perfect colour

Next up, it’s time to think about what finish or colour you want for your drawer unit. Whether you’re adding furniture to an existing scheme or creating a new bathroom, it’s important to decide if you want the furniture to blend in or stand out. LANI furniture comes in a terrific choice of finishes, including a standard palette of Matt and Glossy White, Traffic Grey, and Wild Oak. Additionally, there are three striking metallic finishes – Gold, Copper (as shown above) and Titanium. You can also choose from 37 matt colours ranging from Sage Green and Smokey Blue to Antique Pink and Ochre Brown.

Step 3: Choose your countertop and basin

The LANI vanity unit comes with a countertop, available in Matt White, Traffic Grey (above) or Wild Oak, for use with countertop washbasins. Alternatively, an inset basin can be fitted. The choice of look depends on the type of basin you want and potentially the range it comes from. It’s important to select a basin that is proportional to the size of your vanity to ensure it doesn’t look too big or too small. Furthermore, consider the shape of the basin: while round and oval shapes are the most common, you can also choose from square, rectangular, or even asymmetrical shapes. The shape you select should complement the overall design of your bathroom.

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