How online training can help installers keep on top of their game

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Neil Mattock, marketing director & head of training at Vokèra by Riello, looks at how virtual training is helping installers keep up-to-date with the latest products and practices.

The continuing public health crisis has changed the way we live and work and in this strange new world of lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing it has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to conduct face-to-face training at a physical location. However, the development of interactive webinars by key manufacturers like Vokèra means installers can still learn how to improve their professional skills and business efficiency in these challenging times.

Comprehensive programme

In response to the restrictions, Vokèra has taken its training schedule online and developed a comprehensive range of webinars using the Zoom video conferencing platform. The programme covers a broad spectrum of products and topics, including Boiler Installation & Commissioning and Fault Finding webinars that guide installers through the main aspects of these important subjects, including how to check

components in sequence. Other options include an informative overview of its Commercial Heating Solutions, which features a live interactive technical product presentation and Q&A session. Online training is also available in the latest controls, ranging from an introduction to modulating devices and the OpenTherm protocol to the connection and operation of 7-day programmable thermostats.

New courses

As well as adapting our existing courses for a virtual audience, Vokèra’s dedicated team has been updating and expanding our training offering to ensure we keep pace with installers’ learning needs. Among the recent additions is a Boiler Servicing & Maintenance webinar which includes the service procedure for the radial and modular heat exchangers used in all Vokèra high efficiency boilers sold during the past 10 years. In addition to useful tips and tricks this session demonstrates how to determine the level of service required and covers strip down, process and final checks.

There is also a new Commissioning and Installation webinar for the Condexa Pro commercial boiler range. Alongside initial selection and specification this comprehensive course includes an explanation of the options available and how to select and use parameters, whether the installation is a standalone boiler or cascade. Furthermore, it covers the initial commissioning procedure and recording of the installation performance, plus setting service intervals and service procedure.

Convenience and flexibility

These virtual training events are presented live by our experienced team from Vokèra’s London Colney training centre, which is fully equipped with a broad range of heating products and teaching aids. In addition to giving installers the flexibility of

training from the safety of their own home or office, we have recognised that time is money and taking time out of their working day for training may not be economically viable for some installers. For this reason we have scheduled our Zoom webinars to start at 4pm and 7pm, which we believe will be more convenient for busy heating professionals.

If any Gas Safe Registered/RGII heating engineers would like to take part in one or more of our webinars they can simply go to Vokèra’s website at and register for the session they want to join and then log on at the appointed time.

For more information as well as news and updates, visit or follow Vokèra on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn.

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