How to cut switch socket installations by nearly half

Time is of the essence on a job. MK Electric debuted another wiring device featuring the first with spring-loaded, screwless clamp terminations on its new MK Logic PlusTM Rapid Fix double switchsocket.

Ashley Clements-Smith, senior channel manager at MK Electric, looks at how this new development can help installers achieve a safe, secure connection in almost half the time.

What is so innovative about the Logic Plus Rapid Fix Double switch-socket?

By adding tool-less, spring-loaded cable clamp termination to its new MK Logic Plus Rapid Fix double switchsockets, MK Electric has created a first-of-its-kind wiring device that cuts installation time by up to 45%1 whilst providing a safe, secure connection that won’t degrade over time.

Replacing traditional screws, the spring-loaded clamps featured on the back of the product can accommodate all cable types for small power circuits, including up to 4mm stranded cable, without compromising on product performance. Individual cable entry and colour-coded terminals help make installation even more efficient.

The product can be fitted into a standard 25mm depth back box making it suitable for all projects, new and retrofit.

Why was the innovation needed?

Screwing multiple cable terminations when wiring sockets can be a cumbersome and time-intensive task. Category updates have previously involved the user interface, but by turning its attention to the back of the socket, MK has made alterations that can help installers on a day-to-day basis and sets a new precedent for wiring device installation methods.

Many electrical installers had questioned why this technology had not been used in wiring devices before, but this innovation is more than simply swapping out screw connectors for the spring-loaded clamps. As each cable requires its own 3-point entry terminal, it alters the footprint of the rear of the product meaning a complete redesign was needed before it could be thoroughly tested to British Standards.

What are the benefits to installers?

Input from electrical installers was a vital part of the MK Rapid Fix design to appropriately address the main issues faced by the user: time saving, robustness of connections for a “right 1st time” installation, and ease of use.

The ability to hold cables in place easily while connecting wiring is an obvious benefit and can make a real difference when fitting sockets in awkward or unforgiving environments such as difficult void spaces, corners and under cupboards. The inclusion of colour-coded terminals not only improves general installation efficiency but can also provide even greater advantage where access or a clear line of sight is limited.

Spring-loaded clamps provide the correct amount of tension every time, reducing the possibility of over or under tightening terminal screws and keeping wires in place with just the right amount of pressure throughout the lifetime of the product. This can significantly aid junior installers and apprentices.

Upward facing access points included in the design allow the easy insertion of test probes into the socket outlet. This replicates the approach usually taken when using a standard screwed terminal socket and ensures access posed by the new screwless terminal arrangement is not constrained. A strip length ruler incorporated into the design equally allows wires to be stripped to the correct 10mm needed and easily checked.

When you consider the number of sockets installed in a standard commercial building, the time saving, and associated install cost reduction becomes a real benefit to the overall finances of a project. The addition of these spring-loaded clamps can reduce the amount of snagging where miswiring has occurred, less corrective action is needed post install, preventing avoidable expense and completion delays.

The MK Logic Plus Rapid Fix double switchsocket is exclusively available at B&Q, Tradepoint and Screwfix.

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