How to get to grips with ugly pipework

Homeowners do not want ugly pipework in their kitchens and bathrooms, especially around radiators and towel rails. Installer spoke to Dean Heathfield, Commercial Director of Talon, about how Talon’s Snappit products help give these jobs a professional finish.

All too often, you install the perfect radiator, a seamless fit to the room and décor, but one part could be letting it down. Those ugly old pipes, staring back at you with a glare of defiance, making your work not entirely what it should be. You could get out the paint brush and paint it, hoping for the best. But we all know, over time, that the paint will begin to discolour, crack, and eventually flake off.

That’s where Talon’s Snappit rigid pipe finishing products come in. Already a huge hit with installers, the product enables you to quickly and efficiently conceal unsightly pipework, achieving a neat and professional finish without compromising on quality.

To install the product, you simply cut the 15mm Snappit pipe cover to size and snap it on and then, to add the perfect finish, use the pipe collar supplied to create a seamless join from wall to floor. The products save installers time and is the best, mess-free alternative to painting and unlike paint, Snappit does not chip, flake or discolour.

Step by step

Snappit is a really easy upsell for installers, as homeowners want that professional finish around their kitchen and bathrooms. We supply Snappit in kit form for radiator tails and towel rails, and in multiple colours, lengths and widths so you can cut them to size, allowing you a perfect finish.

Snappit’s aesthetically pleasing yet robust designs are made from quality grade uPVC which also means they also shield pipes from potential damage, reducing the risk of leaks and extending their lifespan.

The kits come in a variety of different colours to suit most homes and include white, chrome effect, anthracite grey and black in the Radiator and Towel Rail kits, while the Radiator Tail kit also features a rose gold option. The Radiator and Radiator Tail kits come with a 15mm Snappit pipe sleeve in 2 x 200mm lengths and 2 x 18mm pipe collars while the Towel Rail Kit still features the 15mm Snappit pipe sleeve but in longer 500mm lengths, again with 2 x 18mm pipe collars. All an installer has to do is cut it to size and snap it on the pipe – job done!

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