How to help customers save water through showers

Mira has put together this handy guide to help installers (and their customers) save water with our innovative products and waste-conscious habits.

Keep reading to hear all about the significance of today’s water scarcity issues, consumers’ awareness and interest, and how installers can help.

World water scarcity

Around the world, water is becoming more scarce as the climate warms. The threat of drought is not just an issue affecting countries with naturally arid desert environments anymore. Even the UK sees shortages in the summer months. 

In fact, research by the Environment Agency shows that by 2040, 12 out of 17 English regions will be facing major water stress thanks to a combination of rising demand, weather, and infrastructure.

With small changes, we can all make a difference to reduce water scarcity and protect our water security for the future.

Your customers want to save water

It’s not just a select few environmentally conscious eco-warriors who are concerned about saving water. Our data shows the average consumer cares about their water usage more than ever.

We looked at what users are searching on Google and found that:

  • Interest in the term ‘sustainability’ has been consistent for a long time, gaining even more traction as we entered the 2020s 
  • Over the past two years, searches around ‘reducing water usage’ have increased, positioning the topic as an emerging concern

  • The topic of ‘saving water’ has had consistent search interest – with the spikes hitting greater heights in recent years.

But consumers aren’t just curious about how they can be more sustainable with their water usage – they’re also looking for products to help them save both water, and the costs associated with using too much. Water saving has transitioned from an area of awareness to inform product search:

  • More than 1,000 people search for the term “water-saving shower head” every month.
  • According to Deloitte, the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on how consumers are adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Behaviours that support spending less saw the biggest increase year-on-year – 42% of those surveyed paid more for longer-lasting products, and 36% have upgraded to more energy-efficient appliances.

How Mira can help

While consumers want to save water, many don’t understand their current impact.

One survey of 3,000 UK adults found that many Brits significantly underestimate their daily water usage. On average, people thought they used just 57 litres of water each day In fact, each person used around 144 litres in 2021/22. Three in four (76%) believe saving water is more important now than it was a decade ago. However, over half (53%) say they wish they had more information on how to save water.

Mira doesn’t believe the entire burden for reducing water waste should rest on the shoulders of consumers. 

Data from Mira’s digital showers shows that the average customer shower lasts just over eight minutes and uses up to 70 litres of water. We want to do our bit to help reduce that, while still ensuring your customers get the premium showering experience they expect from a Mira product.

As a professional installer, you can help us spread the word and install more water-efficient showers. 

To make cutting down on water waste easy, Mira Showers offers two innovative products: The Mira Platinum and Mira Sport showers. Both are equipped with eco-friendly features that enable users to save water without compromising on luxury.

Mira Platinum 

Mira’s most advanced digital shower experience ever, the Mira Platinum range offers smart speaker connectivity, mobile controls and a range of shower modes for ultimate water-saving potential. 

  • Fully connected bathroom experience – The Mira Platinum offers a connected shower experience, enabling users to track and manage their water usage. 
  • User-friendly installation – The installation process is effortless, guided by the Mira Showers app, with a 3-pin plug and push-fit isolators facilitating quick setup.  
  • Intuitive design for versatile spaces – With a compact footprint and options for rear or ceiling-fed installation, the Mira Platinum adapts to a range of bathroom layouts, maximising space without compromising performance. 
  • Personalised showering experience – The Mira Platinum offers customisable, voice-activated presets for personal preferences such as ‘morning blast’ or ‘post-workout’ – perfect for users wanting to cut down on water waste. 
  • Sustainable innovation – The app tracks water usage for each shower – meaning that it’s easy to see where savings can be made and users can adjust their flow rate down to as low as 4 lpm.
  • Award-winning design – Mira Platinum has clinched prestigious design awards including the Red Dot and iF 2023 awards – it’s stylish and eco-friendly. 
  • Aftercare and warranty – A comprehensive five-year warranty comes as standard with the Mira Platinum, with spare parts available long-term so your customer can be sure they’re investing in a long-term water-saving solution. 

Mira Sport 

One of our most tried-and-trusted electric shower ranges, the Mira Sport range offers a host of eco-friendly benefits. 

  • Year-round enhanced performance – The Mira Sport range is designed to offer consistent, fuss-free performance regardless of the weather or time of year. With Mira Opti-flo™ technology, users can enjoy the perfect shower experience while reducing energy consumption, without altering the mains water temperature. 
  • Safety first with Sensi-Flo™ technology – Prioritising user safety, Mira Sport showers are equipped with Sensi-Flo™ technology, which safeguards against hot water surges and potential scalding. By monitoring water flow rates and detecting blockages, the system automatically shuts off the heating element, ensuring a secure showering experience while conserving water and energy. 
  • Seamless installation – Mira Sport showers offer easy retrofitting options, minimising disruption during installation. The adjustable slide bar allows for straightforward adjustments without compromising the bathroom’s look, promoting sustainability by reducing unnecessary waste. 
  • Powerful flow, minimal water consumption Boasting upgraded fittings and Airboost™ technology, Mira Sport showers provide an eco-friendly shower experience without compromising on luxury. This innovative feature amplifies water flow by up to 30% without increasing water consumption, promoting water conservation and reducing environmental impact. 
  • Durable and low-maintenance – Backed by Mira’s signature Clearscale™ and Dual Element™ technologies which prevent limescale build-up and ensure consistent performance, Mira Sport showers offer a ‘fit and forget’ solution that reduces the need for frequent replacements, promoting sustainability by minimising waste in the longer term. 
  • Market-leading aftercare service – With the addition of two new models, the Mira Sport Manual Dual and the Mira Sport Max Dual, customers can enjoy a clean and easy upgrade to dual outlet showering. These high-performance showers feature Airboost™ technology for a superior showering experience without excess water consumption.

Save water with every installation

As Mira Installers, you can truly make a difference in the journey towards water conservation. Through the installation of eco-friendly showers from the Mira Platinum and Mira Sport ranges, and by chatting to your clients about the benefits, you can join the movement towards a more sustainable future. 

To learn more about Mira’s environmental commitments, check out our official ESG report.