How to install an Anti-Freeze Valve 

As heat pumps use a refrigerant to absorb the heat from the air, ground, or water, they have a risk of freezing. This is particularly so when installed in places that are exposed to the elements and fluctuations in temperature. Should freezing occur, not only would any repair be costly, it could cause further issues for the heating system and reducing its efficiency. 

Fitting an ‘Anti-Freeze Valve’ is the best method of preventing a heat pump from freezing. Steve Elsmore, Senior Technical Support at Altecnic, walks through how to install the Altecnic iStop® Anti-Freeze Valve:

Step 1: 

Select suitable installation point and mark the pipe where appropriate. Isolate and drain system if needed.  

Step 2: 

Cut pipework and debur any pipe ends.  

Step 3: 

Slide compression nuts (e.g. 28mm) and olives on to pipe. Use suitable sealant if needed.  

 Step 4: 

Install valve body, tightening the nuts and olives on to the body.  

Step 5: 

Once tight, repressurise the heating circuit to relevant system pressure.  

Step 6: 

Check the iStop® Anti-Freeze Valve for any leaks, paying attention to the discharge cartridge and antivac air valve.   

 For further information and advice on insulating the iStop® Anti-Freeze Valve, please watch the video: