How-to install Button-fix – The invisible panel fixings

Invisible panel fixing Button-fix offers a secret, secure, removable fixing option for installers.
Designed with both fitters and architects in mind, Button-fix fasteners are extremely versatile, suitable for parallel and 90o connections, horizontal and vertical applications as well as being rebatable for applications where panel-to-panel contact is necessary.

A key design feature of the fixings is that the panels are easily removable. This provides essential access to often hard-to-reach areas, for example, underneath a bath or boxed-in pipework. This is also extremely beneficial for busy commercial environments in the case of accidental damage, as a single panel can simply be removed and replaced.
Furthermore, the durable nylon Buttons that are attached to each panel are intuitively coloured to denote application, with the lime green Button for use with CSK wood screws and orange Buttons to be used with Varianta Euro screws.
Button-fix fixtures also offer the required structural strength for use in the commercial environment. For example, a vertical panel weighing 200kg can be safely secured and supported with just four Type 1 Fixes.
Julie Freedman, Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “The design of Button-fix is truly unique and we’re excited that this has now been recognised with a patent.
“We understand that fitters are increasingly under pressures of time and expectation when it comes to delivering projects to exact architectural plans.
“Consequently, Button-fix was designed to allow for panel fixings to be the truest representation of the architects plans, enabling complicated panel arrangements with precise intersections to be aligned and fitted quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the time required on site.”
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