How to speed up your first fix pipework installs


RapidRail® is Walraven’s lighter, faster version of strut. Over the last 12 months it has grown in popularity with installers working on domestic and light commercial jobs because of the huge benefits it offers over traditional strut products.

What is the problem with traditional strut solutions?

Any installation which involves a large amount of pipework that needs secure fixing, will usually need a strut type system. Traditional 41×41 strut products are typically used, but are heavy and bulky meaning they can be tricky to handle, especially when installing overhead.

They also require a lot of loose parts to put the system together. These can make for time-consuming installations and frustrations for the installer.

What benefits does RapidRail® offer?

RapidRail® is a smaller, lighter strut profile with a similar strength to 41×41 strut. The RapidRail® WM15 channel is 30mm x 20mm and is perfectly suited to support pipes, cable trays, ductwork and more. Some of the benefits of RapidRail® include:

  • Available in 2m lengths so it’s easier to handle, store and transport
  • Easier to install overhead and at height
  • Pre-assembled slide nuts allow much faster construction
  • Speedier installs save time and labour costs on the job overall

4 in 1 parts save you time and make life easier!

One of the best features of the of the RapidRail® system is that you do not need to use any loose nuts, bolts and washers to fix the system together. The pre-assembled slide nuts simply push and twist into the rail, and pipe clamps screw directly on.

Younger Smith Plumbing & Heating recently used RapidRail® for first fix of pipework in a large property in Essex. With miles of pipework to install they wanted something that would be quick and easy to install.

“This large country house required a huge amount of pipework. Walraven’s RapidRail® made this job a breeze, top quality product! It’s such a shame it’s getting covered over!”

If you are interested in saving time on your installations, follow the link below to find out more about our RapidRail® system and to request an information pack.

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