Hundreds of households are "going green" every week

The number of UK households switching to renewable heating since April 2014 has topped 50,000, official figures from Ofgem reveal.
Welcoming the news, renewables expert Kate Wright, of Harrogate-based Yorkshire Heat Pumps, said: “Word has spread about the benefits of going green, prompting more and more people to invest in ground source and air source heat pumps and biomass boilers for heating their homes and hot water. To hear that the number of people claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has just topped 50,000 is fantastic – that works out to just under 420 households a week.”
RHI is a government incentive scheme for people switching to a renewable energy heating system, with quarterly payments to the householder over seven years when they go green. Originally designed to neutralise the cost of switching, RHI can pay back, and, depending on the property size and which technology is used, sometimes exceed, the initial outlay.
Despite a degree of uncertainty following Brexit, Kate is predicting a sustainable future for renewables.
“In the last year we definitely noticed an uplift as confidence in the economy grew, and now it’s even more appealing to choose cost-efficient heating systems. Going green can not just save money long term with lower operating costs, but can in many cases, more than recoup the cost of the installation with RHI.
Kate is carefully monitoring communications from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for clues as to its long term plans for encouraging green technologies.
She said: “Signs from Westminster are encouraging, with the government having just accepted the fifth Carbon Budget. This sets an even more ambitious carbon reduction target than that of the EU, so strategies that support efforts to protect the environment and encourage sustainable living must continue. We’re looking forward to seeing the detail, but this is positive for us and our customers.”
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