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  1. Why do they not make it illegal for non registered people to purchase gas fittings and appliances. It’s the only way to stop unregistered installation.

  2. I totally agree with what Gary stated, it should be impossible for any unregistered person to obtain any type of gas fitting and anyone wishing to buy gas fittings should also have to produce their ID Card, which carries their photograph as proof the person holding it is registered.

  3. Some companies do only sell gas parts to qualified registered engineers.
    Even companies that put the gas safe logo on uniforms ask for ID.
    But this is relaxed you can purchase from the Internet.

    I think it should be enforced by law to purchase any gas part or appliance you have to produce your gas safe card.
    Also I think the seller should put a 100.00 retention on any appliances purchased and once registered with gas safe you receive your 100.00 cash back.
    I’m finding lots of unregistered appliances.

  4. As of the 1st January it is illegal to purchase refrigerant or refrigerant pre charged equipment and to supply it to a non F Gas registered company or the supplier will be done.

    Is the environment is more important than a householders’ safety?

    If AC engineers can get this made law why not Gas engineers?


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