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Illegal gas work puts family in danger


  1. Whilst welcoming a successful prosecution what deterrent does this really achieve. It has just cost me a similar amount to renew my ACS certificates. No wonder people are taking the risk in the knowledge that the CPS are so lenientin their punishment. These sort of offences should carry a custodial sentence or a really punitive fine if Gas Safe Register and the HSE are to be true to their mandate.

    • I totally agree with Brian , there is no deterrent , these people can charge that sort of fine on a couple of jobs , we pay more than that for our test equipment that has to be serviced annually at rip off charges . Why aren’t Gas Safe and the HSE able to use their power to have fines greatly increased ?

  2. Whilst anybody can purchase gas equipment and appliances, this will continue. I beleive you should have to hold a valid Gas Safe card to purchase any gas appliance or material such as parts ect.


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