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  1. RussRussellrussell armetong

    Why only solid fuel appliances?
    As a responsible landlord, I am going to take this motivation to get my few properties fitted with CO alarms in any case. They are all gas fired but for the small cost, its a good peace of mind, look after your tenants health and welfare thing.

  2. Having not fully taken in this regulation I imagine the reason for now that it is for dwellings with solid fuel appliances as they do not contain safety shut off mechanisms that gas appliances generally do but not the older type of gas appliances that may still be in use.
    Therefore tenants are at risk from potential intoxicating products of combustion where solid fuel appliances are installed and potentially have a fault and so having a CO detector will hopefully alert them to situations where this occurs.
    The regulations for tenants state that gas safety annual inspections must be carried out but ultimately solid fuel appliances are often not included and therefore putting lives at risk.
    You are right to install CO detectors for your tenants now regardless as it sure is good practice but they are not solely to be relied on and the annual safety measures must continue.
    Eventually I think CO detectors will become mandatory in all cases so carry on with your good intentions and spread the word.
    Well done and your tenants should be pleased that you are taking their interest.


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