Increase your profitability with Installer2015

Installer2015 – Installer magazine’s new plumbing and heating exhibition coming to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from May 12 to 14 – aims to increase the profitability of your business.
tunnellMost of the UK’s plumbing and heating engineers are running small businesses, either working on their own or employing a number of other installers. Taking a day off the tools to attend a trade show is, understandably, not something most small business owners could easily contemplate.
However, even small businesses need to take the time to ‘see what’s out there’. How else can they keep up-to-date and ensure they are maximising the efficiency and profitability of their businesses?
Finding the next big thing “Most small business don’t have the benefit of marketing and sales teams to support them, tell them what the ‘next big thing’ is, and to advise them on how best to increase their bottom line for a greater return,” said Eoin McManus, Managing Director of Installer magazine – which launches its first trade show – Installer2015 – at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry next month (May 12 to 14).
“Visiting a trade show such as Installer2015 is an ideal way to achieve this valuable business insight. It’s also a great opportunity for manufacturers to connect with plumbers and heating engineers and give them the support they need to achieve their business objectives.
“In just one day, plumbing and heating installers can network with over 70 of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.”
Hands-on event
Installer2015 is the new plumbing and heating trade show being produced by Installer magazine. The show’s innovative ‘hands-on’ approach will facilitate valuable interaction between the industry and the people it serves.
A visit to Installer2015 is not just about what ‘you saw’, it’s about ‘what you did’ and ‘what you learned’ – all of which can benefit your business’.
‘Hands on’ means there’s lots of opportunity to get to grips with new products and technologies. But it also means that visitors to Installer2015 will be able to network with their industry colleagues and learn about new ways of doing things – which can have a direct effect on how a business operates and how profitable it can be.
“We know that installers running small businesses are potentially losing out on business by taking a day off the tools,” said Eoin, “but we’re confident in saying that the money from a day’s work could easily be recouped by a visit to Installer2015.”
“The show offers alone could amount to thousands of pounds in savings for a small business over the course of a year. But perhaps even more importantly, learning to work more efficiently by adopting new technologies or learning to do things differently could increase a business’s
profitability even more.”
Installer2015 is about transforming your plumbing and heating business – looking beyond what you do now and thinking about how you could be doing things differently now and in the future.
Competitive business
Competition is increasing all the time, so even small outfits without the sales and marketing infrastructure of larger ones need to think about how they can run sustainable businesses with a healthy return on investment.
Every one of the exhibitors at Installer2015 will have something valuable to share with heating and plumbing engineers.
“It might be a new product, a new tool, a business support service or even training – and any one of those things could.”
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