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Industry leaders slam Green Deal Fund closure

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  1. The different amount of cash back and incentives schemes to me as not fit for purpose. Green deal etc, etc, etc, They have been running for many years as one guise or another.
    I have visited these installations after a number of years have passed and the boilers are rotten, don’t get me wrong the installations are 100% apart from ( in my opinion), the benchmark work. Yes the installer has filled out the BENCHMARK correctly, they have flushed the system, he has put inhibitor in, but the boiler may have a small leak on the existing system somewhere, the homeowner tops the boiler up every month and the inhibitor has gone. I don’t want to slag anyone off, weather it be manufacturer or installers, but it seems these companies appear and install a new boiler maybe on a 25 year old rad system. Then disappear, then its sole trader installers like me that have to go round and sort the mess. I try to do the right thing but to replace a 5 year old boiler just seems wrong to me. (Not many installers would agree with me there), That can’t be good for the customer or the trade.
    I haven’t fully researched all the ins and outs of these schemes, so I may be talking rubbish, but from where I am standing I am not so sure. Jon.


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