Industry reacts to David Cameron's speech

David Cameron has made his speech which ended the Conservative Party Conference.
In it, the Prime Minister promised to build 100,000 new starter homes, but relax the current building regulations.
The new homes are to be offered to first-time-buyers under the age of 40 at a discount of 20%, with the discount being funded by exempting them from some taxes and the zero-carbon homes standard.
Mike Foster, the Chief Executive of the Energy Utilities Alliance, EUA, questioned that tragedy:
“We need to use less energy, both to save money and meet our carbon reduction targets so why would we allow any new homes to be built that don’t have energy efficiency measures installed?,” he said.
“We welcome new homes being built, but we are very concerned about them being built on the cheap. Mr Cameron has said that these houses need to be affordable to purchase but he has failed to recognise that without appropriate energy efficiency measures they won’t be affordable to live in.
“Over the last few years we have seen the introduction of many Government policies aimed at improving energy efficiency including ECO and the disastrous Green Deal so this new policy send the wrong message.
“And if we are to allow house builders to forget the regulation on these 100,000 homes then why not forget them all of the buildings we construct. Please think again Mr Cameron.”
Cameron also claimed that the UK is ‘leading, not following, on climate change’.
James Court, Head of Public Affairs at the Renewable Energy Association, said:
“If the Prime Minister wants Britain to lead the world in climate change, we need that to start that at home. The UK is currently third from bottom in the EU for renewable generation and faces a huge challenge in meeting our 2020 electric, heat and transport targets.
“Whoever forms the next government will have a lot of work to do in meeting those obligations, but more immediately the PM will have an opportunity to shape our energy future at the next European Council. We hope his actions match his rhetoric.”