Installer visits a Drayton Wiser training day

With the smart heating controls market booming, Drayton has seen a spike in demand for its Wiser multi-zone training, so Installer joined a session.
It takes less than an hour for a trained installer to get their customer’s home fully integrated with Wiser multi-zone heating – giving them remote control of their heating and the ability to drive down bills.
Installers helped develop the Wiser system, which is operated via a user-friendly app, available on Android and iOS devices. It’s simple to install and operate and is compatible with voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa.
The buildable system centres on the Heat Hub, with three pre-bundled thermostat kits and two multi-zone kits. The system features revolutionary new smart radiator thermostats, which can create up to 16 specific home heating zones.
“Time is money for installers, so we’ve made things as simple as possible,” said Training Manager, James Clark.
Real life scenarios
“Training simulates real life scenarios, so installers download the app to their smartphone and see first-hand how easy it is to pair controls to the hub and start saving customers’ money.
“In the field we urge them to do the initial set-up on their own phone, because it’s far easier than trying to use the homeowner’s phone or Wi-Fi and get in a pickle. Once set-up is complete they can confidently help customers get up and running.”
By the end of 2019 there will be a nationwide network of Wiser Approved installers.
Everyone who completes the training receives a multi-zone kit, worth £220, so they will be completely up-to-speed with the technology before entering a customer’s home.
Other benefits include access to Drayton’s installer loyalty club, the 9° Network, so they’re listed on the trade website, generating leads, get up to 40% discounts on products, a five-year warranty, tech support, plus marketing tools to help promote their business.
Why the demand?
“Installers want to be compliant with Boiler Plus legislation in a quick and cost effective way and fitting Wiser ticks three out of four boxes… smart controls, load and weather compensation. All engineers have a favourite boiler and it might be that flue gas recovery isn’t an option or is prohibitively expensive.
“Also they like to keep up with trends, and some, who are fed-up with humping boilers are looking to break into a niche market, and home automation is a massive business opportunity.
“So no two sessions are identical, we tailor the course to meet the needs of those present. But we talk everyone through commissioning, set-up, and how it integrates with existing heating systems,” said James.
Eye to the future
“The, If This, Then That protocol (IFTTT) has given us a lot more flexibility than if we had to write a script ourselves. People want one app that does everything so integration with IFTTT and Alexa is a big help.
“Life is changing, and people want smart controls for lots of reasons. The home might have three generations of the same family, so getting the temperature right to keep baby safe, nan and granddad warm, and all the family comfortable might be impossible without multiple zones. This system means you can set different temperatures all over the house, schedule them and lock them, so they can’t be tampered with.
“Smart technology is moving into every area of our life and our parent company, Schneider Electric’s vision is 100% connected homes, where one app controls a complete home automation solution.
“The great advantage for installers of choosing us over some of our competitors is we’re a heating company, with 70 years of British heritage and a wealth of experience, so moving into the controls market was a logical step. The fact that we’re part of Schneider Electric means we have the infrastructure to develop a wider range of smart products in the future, and we’re already looking at lighting.
“We use an industry standard wall plate, meaning there is minimum disruption to the system and less or no re-wiring. Our radiator thermostats fit on a standard valve, used in 90% of UK installations.
“We’re working hard to educate homeowners via our consumer website, which includes product information, helpful videos and a product selector to help them chose the right system for their requirements, whether they’re interested in the green agenda or just saving money,” added James.
Installer Feedback
Paul Rustell, Portchester:
“I’ve fitted Wiser in my home and at first I was sceptical about the savings, but it has made a real difference. I’ve use the system since it first came on to the market and wouldn’t change a thing.
Surjl Talwar, Brighton:
“A lot of my customers do their own research, so it’s important to be up to speed with the latest developments.”
Keith Gillyon, Southampton:
“It’s all about ease of use for my customers, and this set-up is one of the easiest I’ve seen.”
Andy Cuffley, Southampton:
“I want to educate myself on the ranges of controls. The training was very useful, so much easier to get hands on experience, than reading a booklet.”
Frank Clifford, Eastleigh:
“I wanted an overview of the whole smart home industry and to keep abreast of changes in the industry.”
Steve Page, Farnborough:
“It’s something else to offer my customers. I didn’t realise connecting your phone to the hub was quite so simple, it’s up and running in minutes.
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