Installer2015 – Hard facts, not hard sell

Working in partnership with a number of leading companies in the heating and plumbing sector, Installer has developed Installer2015 – a trade show that focuses on hard facts rather hard sell.
2015 webTaking place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from May 12 to 14, Installer2015 exhibitors are pledging to create a fully-interactive, hands-on experience.
This unique installer-focused trade show will offer unparalleled access to products, technologies and services to give visitors a real insight into what options there are available to improve their businesses.
A central demonstration area has been integrated into the floorplan to provide live showcases that will help visitors to see quickly and clearly the benefits of a featured product. These short presentations are an ideal way to identify the exhibitors most of interest – before visiting them to get an even greater understanding of how particular technologies can positively impact on the way plumbing and heating installers work.
From gas boilers to digital showers, Installer2015 will offer a wide range of exhibitors from different sectors to ensure that every visitor will be able to get hands-on with the most relevant products to them.
There will also be an array of service providers attending – including training, lead generation and membership schemes – to offer advice and information on how to adapt your business to increase profit and run it more efficiently.
Installer Managing Director, Eoin McManus believes that to be of value a trade show must offer installers something that they can’t find anywhere else – whether that’s getting hands-on with the latest technologies or talking to technical experts – in order to make it worth the time and effort to attend.
“There is no better way to get a proper understanding of the latest technological developments than to touch it, use it, take it apart and get a real feel for it – all the time alongside a technical expert who can answer any questions you might have.
“We recognise that changing from the familiar to something new – even if it’s better for you – can be a tough step, but we want to make it as painless as possible.
“Equally, justifying taking time off the tools can be difficult for the self-employed installer – unless any potential revenue lost by missing a day’s work can somehow be recouped. At Installer2015, we are confident that a visit to this trade show will pay for itself several times over.
“Quite simply, through finding new products to work with or discovering new services to use, we feel that our visitors will gain the insight to run a better, more efficient business.”
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