InstallerINVENT showcases the industry’s latest innovations

The InstallerSHOW returned in 2021 with its biggest and best-attended event to date, and InstallerINVENT again proved to be one of the show’s many highlights. Installer’s Managing Director Mike Costain explains how the idea is helping to support innovation in the industry:

InstallerINVENT was launched in 2016 and has been one of the most popular features of the InstallerSHOWS ever since.

The idea for InstallerINVENT is to give budding inventors a free space to showcase their products to their target audience of heating engineers, plumbers, and electricians. The products can be in the prototype stage, or ready to launch, but it gives the inventor the chance to get invaluable feedback from the people who will be using the kit day in, day out.

In the heating, plumbing and electrical industry, there are lots of examples of engineers inventing products as solutions for problems they encounter while working on the tools. One of the most famous examples of this is Chris Adey who invented the MagnaClean in his shed while working as a heating engineer. From the success of that product, he founded ADEY, which is now a worldwide company that has exhibited at every InstallerSHOW.

One big difficulty for these inventors is finding the time, money and resources to develop their product, as they have a “normal job” to do during the week. 

To support these innovators, and as part of its responsibility to give back to the industry, InstallerSHOW offers them the stand space free of charge, and supports them with marketing and editorial opportunities across the Installer brand.

Success stories

Since its launch, independent post-show research has consistently found that InstallerINVENT is one of the most popular areas of the trade show for visitors, who are always keen to get hands-on with the latest innovations. 

The success of INVENT can also be measured by the impact that it has had on the inventors that appear on the stand and their businesses.InstallerINVENT alumni have gone on to see their products stocked in leading suppliers and merchants, lead to direct sales, and even appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den. 

Rob Berridge and Rich Cartwright, Directors of Heat Engineer Software, exhibited on InstallerINVENT in 2019, and has since exhibited at InstallerSHOW as part of the IMI Hydronic stand, which works closely with the company.

“In early 2019, our new company Heat Engineer Software Ltd was invited to showcase our new heat loss calculation app and software tools at InstallerSHOW.

“The show and opportunity was a boon for us and we were almost constantly two or three deep in people wanting to learn about our tools.

“As a company, this opportunity gave us a real leg up in the industry and we cannot thank Installer enough for their support of the industry, which incidentally, is wonderfully ongoing.”

PipeSnug is an example of an innovation that launched at InstallerINVENT, and has gone from strength to strength. Alex Lever – Director at PipeSnug explained:

“We actually used the INVENT stand at InstallerSHOW in 2017 to launch our product, PipeSnug. We had spent two and a half years (and a considerable amount of money) designing, testing and manufacturing PipeSnug so it was a fantastic opportunity for us to show our product to the world. The fact that the INVENT stand was free was the clincher for us, as there was no way we would have been able to afford a full stand at the show.

“The stand gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our product to the installers themselves (those who would be using it), as well as the merchants who we would need to help distribute the product. 

“The InstallerSHOW was a great launchpad for us and we have since gone on to become stocked in all of the major merchants around the UK.”

Class of 2021

In 2021, the InstallerSHOW hosted new innovators who are already seeing positive results from exhibiting on InstallerINVENT.

Dave Smith has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience on the tools. He often found that he was finding the problem of frozen Condensate Pipes, which lead him to invent the Condensate Pro, a total solution to frozen condensates and frost protection. Dave explained his journey to InstallerINVENT:

“Being an engineer working in the industry for just under 40 years, I knew Installer and the InstallerSHOW by reputation. I was first approached by Installer to appear on the INVENT stand just after I launched Condensate Pro.

“It’s a fantastic place to showcase new products and get quality feedback, as Installer delivers a wide range of visitors over the three days.

“We were busy every day and got to meet many installers, heating companies, manufacturers and also distributors, and it’s the ideal platform to network with these people. InstallerINVENT is a great place to launch a product and get real feedback from the installers who will be using it every day.”

Snap-It is an instant materials delivery app for plumbers and heating engineers. Viktor Muhhin – CEO of Snap-It – explained how InstallerINVENT helped to get eyes on his offering:

“Starting a new business and getting publicity is a challenge. Snap-It was looking for a show that would address our target audience and build brand exposure. 

“At the InstallerSHOW we got to meet both engineers in the field and apprentices, and I was humbled by the support and feedback we have received.  

“My advice to all the inventors is to get out and showcase your ideas. Exhibitions are the most direct route to your target audience, and you won’t regret being a part of InstallerINVENT.  

“Looking forward to seeing you all at NEC Birmingham in June 2022.”

If you have an invention or would like to know more about appearing on InstallerINVENT, please get in touch with Adrian Stapleton at