InstallerLEAGUE Manager of the Month – January

The transfer window has now bolted shut (more like quietly closed with not many high-profile moves this January), and we’re over half way through the season.
This is the time of year when things start to get interesting at both ends of the table. Who’s going to grab the crown with Chelsea and City battling it out? Can Southampton gate-crash the Champions League? Are QPR doomed to another relegation?
What we do know is who’s the first InstallerLEAGUE Manager of the Month for 2015. Rodwyn Hughes will grab a prize from ADEY as his Fannyannie funbags team finished top by just two points.
Just goes to show how tight it is at the top.
Want some tips to zoom up the InstallerLEAGUE? Here’s Rodwyn’s team: