How installers can help customers from a safe distance

In these uncertain times, many trades are having to get used to working in a different way. Installers are no different. Claire Miller, Marketing Director at ADEY, advises how installers can help customers from a safe distance.
With increased numbers of people now working from home, pressure on the typical household systems we all take for granted is only set to intensify – particularly boilers.
Homeowners want to be reassured that their boiler is functioning effectively and efficiently, especially during a period when breakdowns will be harder to rectify due to the present challenging circumstances.

The sludge curse

During times of difficulty, the benefits of smart technology can come to the fore and installers keen to continue looking after communities, and especially the elderly and vulnerable, have the tools at their disposal to be able to do so safely.
Sludge is the number one cause of boiler breakdowns so, the use of solutions such as the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense filtration system can help reduce sludge-related boiler issues.
The innovative filter technology and remote monitoring capabilities detect the amount of sludge being captured in the filter and alert the installer through the ProClub App, which is a simple app that allows remote monitoring of MagnaClean filters. The App lets the installer know of the levels of sludge before they cause a problem.
It is the only product specifically designed to remotely monitor the sludge levels and prevent boiler breakdown before it can occur. Proactively managing the problem of sludge can also help homes financially and support a more sustainable future. Efficiently running heating systems have been estimated to reduce home heating bills by £80 per year, while a boiler in good running order is projected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 7% per household.

Reassure your customers with smart technology

While the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense solution can capably detect the issue of system sludge turning into an expensive problem at source, added value remote monitoring capability thanks to smart technology, can elevate its effectiveness at a time when there are restrictions in place.
Using the ProClub App, installed MagnaClean filters can be remotely monitored to gauge system health without the need to visit a property. It provides an instant visual reference of the status of the installed filter and highlights any systems that may require attention.
Homeowners too can access an overview of the system’s status knowing it will issue an alert to users when professional assistance is required. The homeowner app is easy-to-use, simple to understand, and provides peace of mind.
The MagnaClean Professional3 Sense system helps to make the sludge problem become visible so it can be understood and dealt with. It assists installers when it comes to their work planning by alerting them to maintenance tasks or service requirements, and provides transparency to help build long-standing customer relationships.

Build your business while at home

With many in the heating industry unable to fulfil normal work levels due to the impact of COVID-19, ADEY is supporting through an online training programme. The series of webinars have been developed to help installers better understand the clear operational and commercial benefits of the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense solution and how it can deliver the ultimate heating system protection to homeowners.
The training programme also includes other topics such as chemicals, water testing and the benefits of using an ADEY MagnaCleanse System Flush versus a power flush.
By giving installers confidence in promoting water treatment solutions, we can together help cut home heating bills for consumers; lessen the likelihood of expensive call outs and repairs following an inconvenient boiler breakdown, and contribute to a better environmental performance as carbon emissions are reduced through better managed boiler systems.
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